Yana Kanibolotska RunIT

Yana Kanibolotska

Bio: Yana Kanibolotska is QMO Expert, SoftServe. Yana has 8 years of
experience in IT. She has been working at SoftServe since 2011. During
her career Yana has been involved into more than 10 projects playing
different roles: from QC Engineer to QC Leader, Product Owner, Scrum

Topic: QC vs TA: Infinity War?

Different kinds of applications and teams, clients and methodologies,
success stories and failures: a lot of things happened during past 8
years. What isn’t changed is QC engineers hear from year to year that
there will be no QC engineers soon, only test automation engineers
will be in demand. “Should I move to automation or I will lose my job
shortly?” – this is the question most QC engineers ask themselves at
least once. This is the question Yana wants to discuss with you.

There is a chance we could find the right answer (if it exists) together