Aldis Egrilis (Latvia)

"Accelerate the machine with Machine Teaching".

About speaker

Aldis Erglis
Head of Technology Strategy @Emergn
With over 20 years of experience building software-based solutions for business performance, Aldis is passionate about ML/AI and is recognized as an AI influencer in Eastern Europe. For the past six consecutive years, he has been awarded the Microsoft Data Platform MVP Award, recognizing his technology expertise and outstanding contributions to communities. Aldis created the formation of the largest Data Analysis and ML/AI communities in the Baltics, and over the past three years held more than 100 Meetup group events interacting with more than 2500 community members. He is passionate about sharing his experience and guiding groups interested in building technical knowledge and skills.
Topic: Accelerate the machine with Machine Teaching

From automation with the replacement of humans to augmentation and empowerment of subject-matter experts.

We predict that companies who use augmented automation technologies to empower their environments and educate their people on how to use them for better, more predictable outcomes, will win by providing the best service and building better products.