ODED TAMIR (Tel Aviv, Israel)

ODED TAMIR (Tel Aviv, Israel)

ODED TAMIR (Tel Aviv, Israel)

RunIT - The Agile Way – Where Agility emerges and extends How do Agile trends affect the way companies work? and how is it adopted by Ukrainian experts?

Oded is a Lead Coach and Trainer at Agilesparks, an Israeli leading Agile company.
He leads Agile and DevOps’ transition in large global enterprises as well as in IT departments.

For over 20 years, Oded has held executive roles, including the positions of CIO and VP Project Management in a large global company, where he has mainly focused on project crisis management and project management training.

Oded combines Project Management competence with expertise in implementing Scrum and Scaled Agile methodologies and rich global training experience.

Oded is a Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) and a SAFe — SPC (SAFe Program Consultant).
He holds an MBA degree from Manchester University and an Organizational Consulting degree from Bar- Ilan University.


«Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement (William Pollard)»

Agile is not new anymore and many organizations and industries adopt Agile as the standard way of working. Since experimenting is a core value in Agile, the mindset and the principles develop in different directions and Agile based on the 2001 Agile Manifesto.


In this session, we will cover part of these directions and interactively discover what the Ukrainian people think and how global trends are actually adopted by local experts.

We’ll discuss some of the trends and directions Agile took in the world:

  • Spread across the organization — Agile has spread deeper in the organization so not only do we see Agile Product Development but also Agile Marketing, Agile HR or simply Agile Organization.
  • Scaled to the enterprise — Agile is currently required by large organization since the market forces them to find a framework which upscales the team agility to the enterprise level.
  • Implemented in traditional and conservative industries like insurance, banks and government.
  • Adopted Upstream and Downstream in the Value Stream — Agile and Lean are commonly used Upstream at the Product Discovery stage by implementing the Lean Startup Movement principles and Downstream by implementing the DevOps practices to create a Biz- Dev — Ops value stream.
  • Going deeper —  Modern Agile reached real life when we, the Agile community, understood that the Agile Theater can’t go on since people are «Doing Agile» rather than «Being Agile» and we must find ways to bring down the curtain on the Agile Theater.
  • Creating Sinergy – Scrum Org, the Home of Scrum, lately announced the Scrum with Kanban course. Usually, people tend to see “Scrum and Kanban as rival approaches of delivering software”, but it doesn’t have to be so. Scrum & Kanban can actually work together.